Monday, February 19, 2007

Pasternack: SEO is brain surgery

  This is in response to Dave Pasternacks assertion that "SEO is not rocket science". Dave has created quite the stir in the SEO community which I don't find as well deserved. See my article "What's wrong with Dave Pasternack".

  I don't think that Dave Pasternack is really saying that much. As Matt Cutts points out, anything is rocket science until its understood. Since the Google search engine isn't open source, it is not fully understood by outsiders and thereby rocket science. However our society mastered rockets 50 years ago; my college calculus teacher has some great stories of what and how they learned. Even nowadays, even my 10 year old nephew can build and launch a model rocket. Rocket science isn't the right word any longer.

  Most web publishers merely submit our content online and just witness what happens in the search results. Blackhats will go the extra mile in an attempt to reprogram the search engine and get it to do something it wouldn't normally do.

So for the Blackhat, SEO is Brain Surgery
  • Programmers = DNA or the brain builders
  • Manipulating that brain to do something it wouldn't normally do requires brain surgery.
Blackhats could probably never qualify as certified brain surgeons. Not to mention that their patient (Google, et al.) is not inviting the operation. So perhaps the scenario is more like being tied down with your skull cracked open by a voodoo witch doctor.

  By the same reasoning, Gray-hats are at least guilty of brainwashing.

Last Note: Pasternack may be a Gray/Black Hat?
  As we pointed in our Dave Pasternack contest page, there are 4 distinct pages on the net that Did-It has published about Dave Pasternack. Why in the world is this? He probably does not understand or posses the capability to safely redirect without loosing Page Rank. Furthermore, his company website has duplicate versions on two domains: and