Saturday, March 07, 2009

Obituary: Google Search API

Google Search API
Born: April 29, 2002
Retired (depricated): December 16, 2006
Death: August 31, 2009

Survived by AJAX Search API.
In attendance will be Yahoo! Search Web Services, Yahoo Search BOSS, and Live Search API.

For several years, we've been happily using Google Search API to track search results and get well structured web information. Google stopped issuing access to this API in 2006 and while our applications were grand-fathered in, the GS-API was treated like an old version of Windows 98. GS-API allowed us to obtain a lot of information that would otherwise be very time consuming to get. But now, that party is officially ending:
From: Google Developer Team []
Sent: Tuesday, March 03, 2009 11:23 AM
Subject: Changes to the SOAP API product


My name is Adam XXXXX, and I'm a product manager at Google. I see that you signed up for a key for the Google SOAP Search API some time ago and that you have an application still making use of that key.

As you may know, the SOAP Search API was deprecated in 2006 and we're now planning to end support for it as of August 31st, 2009. It has been steadily declining in usage over the last couple years and we believe that the majority of the use cases are sufficiently handled by the AJAX Search API. Please refer to the AJAX API documentation and Terms of Use for more details.

Our recent blog post has more information:

I'm sorry for the inconvenience this is sure to cause you, and I hope that inconvenience isn't too great. Please use this discussion group if you have questions about migrating to the AJAX Search API:


Product Manager
Google Developer Team

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Bye-bye Google API. Well miss you.