Monday, October 22, 2007

Trump Advertises for Competitor - "Your Fired"

In search marketing, you usually don't want competition. However Madza was more than happy to take the opportunity to show everyone the advantages of the MX-5 Miata over the Solstice; especially when Donald Trump is behind it!

Pontiac created a large marketing stunt sponsoring The Apprentice show. The car was the center of attention in the show and to find out more Trump asked guided viewers to simply perform a Yahoo! search for "apprentice car".

Incidentally our partner manages the marketing campaigns for Madza USA. They we're able to immediately added that keyword to the search campaign and wa-lah, nstant traffic! Thanks Donald!

Result: On the top of Google and Yahoo! for "apprentice car" was Mazda's ad showing the advantages of their car versus the Pontiac. After having spent millions to sponsor the Apprentice, failed to spend enough to lock in the top position for "apprentice car" allowing Mazda to get all the traffic.